Lunch AD Media Pte Ltd

Lunch AD Media Pte Ltd

LunchAD Media Pte Ltd

192 Pandan Loop. #04-07 Pantech Business Bub.

Singapore 128381

Contact: Leonard Lau

Phone: +65 93841829

Fax: +65 6775 2719



LunchAD media is established in 2010
Own by Microwave Packaging Singapore Pte Ltdwhose flag-ship of products are food boxes, bowls and cups made from eco friendly paper.Producing more than 14,000,000 pcs boxes anually, with over 3,000 customers all over singapore.

Being Made in Singapore, we offer flexible order quantities from as low as only 5,000 pcs, printed with 4 colours and at a fast turnaround production time of about 7 days.

Phone APPs with Track, Trace and Reporting on-the-ground activities on-line provides accurate accountability of each ADs.

LunchAD also has its own lucky draw engine to provide instant campaigns, as well as a QR code system that allows changes of presentations at any point of time.

LunchAd Media; advertising on eco-friendly F&B takeaway packaging- distributed to eateries where advertisers' target audiences are.

For example, canteens, food courts, hawker centres, coffeeshops, cafes in these areas:

Target Audience   Distribution location(s)
Students Schools: Polytechnics, JCs, ITEs, Unis, Priv Schools
PMEBs Business Hubs, CBD, etc.
PMETs Business Hubs, CBD, Shipyards, Industrial parks, etc.
Foreign workers Shipyards, Construction sites, Little India, Geylang, Lucky Plaza, etc.
Public Neighbourhoods, shopping centres
For other target audiences, and distribution locations, please contact our sales representative at

LunchAd Media's mission is to help our society replace non eco-friendly packaging with eco-friendly packaging in the form of an affordable Media effectively reaching out to consumers with 100% viewership- each piece in the hands of a consumer.

For more information, please visit,
or email us at

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